Friday, April 27, 2007

First Quarter of 2007@零七的第一季

First quarter of 2007 has come to its end, what have you done so far? Have you achieved 25% of what you have planned? Aha…me? Let me scan through my own route map, how far have I gone…

1. Highlight of the year! Business is on the track. If compared to last year, I have performed better, but it’s still not good enough for year 2007 goal. Of course, with a lot of pressure to tackle! Ganbatte kudasai!

2. After one year in financial planning industry, I can still maintain my weight. What a relief! Most of friends in the same line or even different field gain weight easily! Approaching to thirty-aged group, must keep and maintain! Dynamic yoga does help in somewhere :P More exercise for healthier lifestyle, keep up!

3. Yea…now I’m better on the road direction? Should be…Cheras, Puchong, Subang, Damansara Jaya, Bukit Bintang, Kepong…etc are all in my list of memories. Still, I’d get lost somehow (night time especially), I’m a girl, what to do :P Will work harder!

4. My first travel destination was a 2-day-1-night free trip to Bukit Merah/Taiping offered by Ting. So good to be your housemate! Even it’s local but it’s something to me. Moreover, it’s Visit Malaysia Year! A great start! Go go go, holidays! More will come…

5. Cooking? Oh no, so long I did not touch kitchen utensils! Eat outside most of the time, no wonder less appetite recently! Em…will spare some time to cook a meal to reward myself. Cooking is such a fun thing to do, can’t afford to miss it!

6. Fruit? Feel so sorry on this. Hardly to see myself eating fruit. Must change! Em…go and shop for fruits this weekend. A thousand milestones start with a single step! I know I can do it! Everyday is a fruity day! Just do it!

7. Still dehydrate! No wonder my face does not appear to be watery at all! Must learn to drink more water… 8 glasses per day! Yam Seng!

8. Found a new motive for my life! While you are working hard at one corner of the world, I’ll do my best too here! You are my new motivational idol now! Yo…let’s move on!

Well, too much to be mentioned here. The main point is: it’s not the matter of how much you have achieved; It’s the matter of how much you have learnt? How much you have grown up? So, keep your 2007 dream and hit the bull’s eye this year! Yo yo...go go!

Learning process: Learnt, unlearn and learn.
Picture taken in Bukit Merah Orang Utan Village.

二零零七的第一季已到尾声,你表现得如何?已达到你所计划的25% 了吗?啊哈,自己呢?让我看看自己的旅程,到底走了多远啦。。。


2.在财务规划领域已有一年了,还可以保持自己的体重,真是放下心头大石啦!许多同领域或不同领域的朋友好多都向横发展哦,真是怕怕!快要进入三十阶段的人士咧,可要好好儿保持咯!多亏有律动瑜伽 :P 多多运动,自然健康也多多,加油!

3.噎。。。方向感是否好一点啦?还好吧!焦赖, 浦种, 疏邦, 白沙罗再也, 武吉免登、甲洞等等都在我脑海地图记忆里了。虽然,偶尔还是会迷路(尤其是晚上),没法子,我是小女子一个 :P 会更尽全力的啦!







Friday, April 13, 2007

Green or Orange?

Paying Hugo lou sai a visit this afternoon. So pleasure that he made 2 glasses of nutritious beverage for me, with one in green and the other one in orange. Haha…what are the ingredients needed to make these wonderful tasty beverages? Let me reveal lou sai’s secret here. He said wanna open stall and sell. After all the recipes being told here, don’t blame me for no business oh, lou sai. Free publicity for you!

To blend a green nutritious beverage, you’ll need cucumber, bell pepper, bitter gourd, apple and celery. While, to make orange nutritious beverage, you’ll need orange, pineapple and carrot (oppss, should be three items kua, I have forgotten :P). One more secret: you must use transparent glass for either one of the beverage as that will enhance the feel and increase appetite.

Well, for green beverage, the taste may appear to be a little strange (with vege and bitter taste) to you. So, to make the beverage taste better and smoother, you could add a little bit of cooked sweet-sour plum water. As for the orange one, the taste is just fabulous coz it’s sweet and sour, yummy, yummy!

Lou sai said after one week’s intake couple with exercise, he has experienced some weight loss. So, if you were to go for weight loss and health gain, go for the nutritious beverage now. Green or orange, you can order from Hugo lou sai at 012-234 xxxx. He sure will entertain your order before he clean the juice mixer once a day :P!

p/s: Didn’t run into toilet after these 2 glasses of nutritious beverages. Haha…lou sai, 2 more, please!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mama’s Daughter

Thinking back what mama had told me when i was a kid is quite true today. When I was a little girl, she always told me that I should learn how to tidy up the house, learn to cook, learn this, learn that, bla bla bla…else, you yourself would be suffering in the future. Well, normally you and I would keep their “nagging” for nothing. Let it flew in from the left and out directly from the right.

Of course, during that time, helping her to clean and cut some vegetables or meats were the simplest and the only thing I knew. Often, I helped for nothing good as she would complain that I had cut into the wrong size, wrong shape and even wrong line. Have you ever noticed that the meat that we eat everyday has those thin lines? If you didn’t notice those thin lines and simply do the cutting, it’d affect the taste and the texture. Haha…bet you’d never heard about it. Lots of theories came out from my mama and I’d taken it for fun. Therefore, most of the time, I’d choose to watch TV rather than helping her in the kitchen. Just couldn’t bear with all her “nagging”.

Somehow, I have felt what mama said last time proven to be true now. Since working, I stay outside. Chance to taste home-cook is obviously reduced. As I don’t even master 10% of her cooking skill (haha...what I cook is really meant for myself, you're not going to eat that coz the taste was @$#!&), I have to eat outside almost every day. Frankly, those mamak foods really could make me less appetite. Emm…too much of Ajinomoto, though.

Since my neighbour changes to this grandma-aunty, every time when I walking to my house after work, I’d have smelt nice and delicious dishes or soup cooked by her. Thinking of the meal I have taken or looking at the food I've bought, that grandma-aunty’s cooking smell really makes me thinking of my mama, makes me truly homesick (not to deny, I’m always a homesick gal :P)! I want go home!

Ah…how long have I not back to hometown? Not long, just more than a week’s time. But, mama, I’m missing your cook deeply. I wanna go home and eat whatever you cook for me, be it a simple mee sua soup with a fried egg. That'll be the most delicious food in the world!

Haha, how can I grow up like this? Always a mama’s daughter! Well, who bother? If there were option given, I believe most of us wanted to be a mama's daughter or mama's son for wholelife, being pampered in her arms all the time. Isn't it the happiness that not easily pursued in the world? Haha...whatever, I still choose to be a mama's daughter :P

Wednesday, April 11, 2007






Sunday, April 08, 2007


若是坐在电视前观看F1,我想我不用一会儿就可以打瞌睡或已经转换去下一台了。哈!倘若你有机会去到世界一级方程式赛车(F1)现场,保证气氛全然不同。四月八日,生平第一次前往F1赛车场,票是免费的(ING赞助Renault,我达到所需的目标,拿了张免费票 :P),总得去体验一下吧!





哇。。。怎么我的鼻子这么红?没照镜子还不知道,一看到镜中的自己真的会吓一跳。哈哈。。。都是世界一级方程式赛车(F1)留下的后遗症。 F1啊喂!



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