Friday, October 21, 2011

Gili Trawangan@Lombok

Go to Gili Trawangan, what could you do there?
Basically, nothing much. But there are few leisure activities you could consider.

First, wake up early in the morning to view the sunrise.
You gotta be patient to call the shy sun out to meet you :D

Second, rent a bicycle for a day (24 hours at Rp50,000) and cycling around the island.
You could just cycle from one end to another end, not easy if you pass by sandy area.

Third, you could do snorkeling. Else you could decide for a more challenging one - diving.
If you don't have a license, you could take the course and be learnt in few hours.

Fourth, on fine-weather day, you could see people surfing.
You could sit on the beach bar, enjoy your drink and the surfing.

Fifth, if you like to have tan skin, then enjoy the sunbathing.
While doing so, you could also enjoy the breeze whispering around you.

Sixth, you could go for a free movie by ordering beverage or food valued Rp25,000. The cinema is cool and unique whereby you could choose to lying down or sitting.

Seventh, you could just hang around beach bar for a happening night outing. Special nights of Monday, Wednesday and Friday offering special discounts.

The eighth, if you like sun so much, go for sunset viewing. It's beautiful with an unseen mountain and suddenly appears in front of your eyes while sun is slowly dropping into the sea.

The nineth, go for a beach walk and doing photography. Catching some splendid scenaries and the fun time of yours.

Me and my friend did the above for 3 days 2 nights. Of course there are more to be discovered like jungle trekking at Kodomo, islands hopping, meeting new friends, etc. Some people said Gili looks like Ibiza in Spain. I guess it's still far more to reach that standard. What I want in this trip was a leisure breakaway and it did quench my thirst for peace and fun.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

What was Yesterday? Was it just a memory? Insignificant? Or influential?
Investment industry always highlights "Past record does not indicate future performance".
Does it apply on life too?

What is Today? Is it plan-able? Controllable? Or an honour?
As it determines tomorrow's outcome? As you live to see today?
Do we believe to see? Or see to believe? Where shall value, passion and faith be held?

What is Tomorrow? Is it about hope and luck?
Hope is a thing with feather? As if you're able to live to see?
How if tomorrow never comes? Where does future stand then?

If we work right for today, does everything carry a future?
How long does that future last?
You can't live in the past?
Are you living for today?
Or fighting for tomorrow?

Yesterday is a treasure. Today is a leisure. Tomorrow is a pleasure.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Laugh. Good Love. Good Life.

~ Good Laugh

~Good Love

~Good Life

Monday, October 10, 2011




188 Suites In Need of Justice!

A lot of owners have issues with JMB 188 Suites after 2 years of guaranteed rental income. The new offer of rental income dropped from 6.8% ...