Thursday, January 14, 2010


Gosh, I have been suffering for stomachache few days already. The pains come and gone. I was so scared that it was due to appendix as I'm ready for my upcoming holidays this Sunday. Well, taken that worry in mind, I went and saw doctor.

"So long didn't see you?"
"Oh, doctor. If I didn't see you for long, that means I'm good. Now I have to see you, that means I'm in trouble!"

After the diagnosis.

"Ah moi, you're suffering for lactose intolerance. In other words, MILK Allergy. You shouldn't take COW milk"
"How come? I'm so grown up already. I saw my pa takes tat XLene so many years already and so good. So, I also start to take Xlene coz my legs had those rusty sounds when I squated down."
"Oh no, not that way. Most asian are resistant to cow milk. You know how many Xlene you need to take in order to get enough calcium of the day? You can opt for other milk like soymilk or rice milk."
"Gosh. Now I see that."

No more moo moooo....COW stuff in my stomach in future, including yogurt. Doctor suggests to take more seafood, green leaf vege, tofu....haha, all are quite my favourite, easier way too. Life's great! A jor...stomach clamps now :s

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Babe Naughty!

I must have treated doggie badly in my previous life. During my trip to Kuantan last weekend, I was attacked by my friend's doggy, "Babe"! In the midst of talking to my friend in the room, Babe suddenly rushed in and attacked me. I was so shocked till falling down onto the floor, my foot sprained and got all the bruises on my thighs and legs. What a day?!

Was Babe actually playing with me or he really disliked me :'( According to my friend, her Babe never attacked nor bite people. I was the first Babe had such a reaction. Gosh, Babe must have hated me so much. Attacked by Babe twice in a day, you know how much I got scared of him? Babe is naughty and evil even he's cute in fact. Oh no, Babe!

Babe Naughty! Punishment for Babe: No more "mum mum" or "kai kai" for him :P That is Babe's favourite words which create excitement to him even he's sleeping, he'll wake up immediately. Looking at Babe, he is just like a small kid, needs to be pampered like anyone else in the world! Love him, Hate him!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Farewell to 2009!

Last day in 2009? How you passed the day? Me, an "old people" actually didn't really feel want to get crowded in the heavy traffic. Initial thought was wanted to go back home straightaway after work, have a nice dinner, watching a nice movie and go to bed early for a beauty sleep. I guess that's a kind of content as well. Ended up, irresistible pursue by friends, I went out gathering with them for this last day in 2009.
The meaningful highlight of this gathering i guess was the review of 2009. When asked to share, I asked them, should I review it monthly? They all got shocked as I was so serious about it. Just kidding to them :D
My Year of 2009 on the following:-
A year full of ups and downs. Still, we were able to cope with the obstacles one by one. That's the unity of a family. Appreciate much for bearing with my moody emotion. Humbly apology for my rudeness, if any. Wishing papa, mama, didi and mei mei, a more peaceful, happier and healthier year ahead! Love you much!
Friends are indeed an important asset for me especially I stay outside. These are a group of people who touched my life, who gave lots of sparks and surprises to my life, always. Cheerish the friendship and grateful for the great accompanions when I was in need. Let's organise more outings in the coming year. Lap you all!
The first half of the year was a depressing downtime. The second half was full of opportunities and surprises. Worth my courage to explore these new opportunities! Thanks to those who gave me chance to change and show my capabilities. Aim to climb higher and achieve more for the coming years! Hoping for more prosperous years ahead!
Well, always failed in this subject, always met with Mr Wrong. Had been falling in love with myself for the past one year. Someone had taught me great lesson in this subject. Learning how to love myself more and perhaps how to love my future partner better :D Need to be smart and have more courageous and lucks in this area. God, send me an angel!
Farewell to 2009. Let go those unpleasure experiences, moving forward and start anew. Facing my life honestly, living to the best! With or without is secondary. Believing 2010 is going to be different, a year full of blessings and excitements! Cheer it up!
Pei Zhi, Jia You! Peng You, Jia You!

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