Sunday, July 18, 2010

With. Without.

Sometimes, it's good to have someone with;
Sometimes, it's good to have someone without.

Sometimes, it's good to have something with;
Sometimes, it's good to have something without.

Sometimes, it's good to choose with or without;
Sometimes, it's good to have only with or without.

Sometimes, it's simpler to leave without than to leave with;
Sometimes, it's easier to live without than to live with.

All in all, born without; live without; leave without;
and the soul is free without...

3 8 Sunday

It's Sunday. So, what's best for Sunday? Wake up early in the Sunday morning is never easy. It's the only weekend which you could just lying lazily on bed till you feel content. Well, well, well, Sunday morning sunshine and fresh air shouldn't be missed. I went walking leisurely with hong kia in Bukit Jalil path for an hour.

Then, hunting for breakfast? hoho, we had great programme ahead. We went to SRJK (C) Yuk Chai for their charity activities. See what we found there? So called "baked bao" from Sungai Buloh, long queue woh and it's recommended by TV before! hehehe...hong kia and I were captured by someone's camera. Didn't know why, I guess we must be the 'strangers' found here as most of the visitors were moms, dads and kids :D If you see us on newspaper, don't forget to inform us :P

What's more? It's very happening here actually. Flooded with foods, games, veges, fruits, handcrafts for you to grab. Ah uh, we found something great - FREE health diagnosis from Taipei TCM Medical Centre. I have been suffering for neck pain for quite some times and seeking for cures around. Wouldn't it be a good chance to try on free? As, anything free for me now is good coz I had spent too much on my neck problem. Here we go for the free diagnosis :D

haha...believe or not of what the sensei said is still a question mark. Too much to hear and believe, while the trusted one and cure my pain one, yet to be found! It's a day for parenting outing, haha, me and hong kia just joined for the fun. 3 8 Sunday lo!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

8 Po 3rd Anniversary Trip (4)

Fourth Day 21 May 2010

We decided to go back to Orange Homes today as we wanted to go Bogor, Safari Park the next day. What were we going to do today? Simple. To accomplish our mission – Shop till drop!

Ajang came and fetch our luggage back to Orange Homes, and dropped us at Jalan Dago. We’re just able to finish few outlets there at the day before. Still there were more outlets to go. I had to be more careful with the stuffs I was going to buy. Yes, my luggage could hardly fit in what I had shopped so far. Regreted that I had brought 7-day clothes over; regreted that I brought too small a luggage; regreted that I only purchased 15kg luggage; regreted that when you see something so appealing you had to forgo…regreted ne…

Well, didn’t know if I didn’t sleep well for the past three days, got fever today. A bit energyless, but still the spirit to shop was stronger. Play safe, we went to K-convenient store to buy panadols. Swallowed the pills, within half an hour, I was on my spirit to shop again.

Came to evening, it’s the sign of traffic jam and crowded everywhere that we saw. Yes, it’s Friday. People from Jakarta started flooding Bandung. Taking cab at this hour? Guess your heart palpitation will beat whenever the meter jumps. So, we decided to take dinner first before going back to Orange Homes.

Back to Orange Homes at around 10pm, finding out all necessary information from the helpful owner, we’re able to talk to two Brazilian hot ladies who he recommended. Finally, they’re agreed to share a car to go to Bogor at Rp850,000 tomorrow. Yippie! Safari, here I come!

Friday, July 16, 2010






188 Suites In Need of Justice!

A lot of owners have issues with JMB 188 Suites after 2 years of guaranteed rental income. The new offer of rental income dropped from 6.8% ...