Friday, May 29, 2009


I saw a child aged around one year-old plus. She was so cute and sweet with a pink dress and a hat on. Looking at her enjoying the leisurely walk without care around the temple, I told myself why couldn’t I think and act the way she is – just be simple!

What does simple mean?
Does it mean you don’t have to think? The least not too much, though.
Does it mean that you follow your first instinct and just do it?
Would simple make the simple way for you?
Would simple make you look like a fool?
What's the standard of being simple?
How to be simple in simple way?

oh...Simple simple as it goes...
I'm still learning to be simple in all aspects of life :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thirst for Change again...

Time’s flying extremely fast.
Mom said she felt three days passed like an hour.
It’s second quarter now.
Another ten more days, enter the third quarter.

What have I done so far?
How far have I achieved?
What's my hesitation?
Have I tidied up my mind?
What can I do next to better my life?
When would I feel I'm enjoying a stable life?

I’m thirst for a change again.
For anytime,
I need fresh air
to rejuvenate, revitalize and rejoice myself.

Happy Family Outing @ Sepang Gold Coast

We postponed our family outing from Mother’s day to last Sunday. Don't have to get crowded with people and also pay extra charge for food. Well, got an idea from my friend saying that Sepang Gold Coast which is located at Bagan Lalang beach is a nice place to hanging around. So, I proposed to my family members and they all agreed.

This’s our first family outing, meaning that besides eating, we spent time for leisure walk and talk. Hardly to get all members in especially my brother needs to go Japan twice a year. So, last Sunday was a perfect time. 3 in 1 celebrations: Mother’s day, mom’s birthday and my brother’s birthday too :D

We chose a steamboat restaurant for our dinner. In fact, no much choices there except for steamboat and the other one which seems like serving ala carte meals. We did order side dishes like satay and fried squids. The steamboat was fine except the service. It appeared to be like no captain there besides few staffs working the routines and running the business. Everything was mixed with a little bit of mess. On top of that, there’s special entertainer for your dinner – the mosquitoes bites. So, do request for mosquito fighter.

No doubt, Sepang Gold Coast is a nice scenery spot even the development of the resorts is still under progress. Upon the completion of the construction, all the units of the sea villas designed to resemble the shape of a palm tree called Golden Palm Villas. It's going to be an amazing view if you view it from the top! This place is windy with nice ambience for relaxing, and not forgetting a nice spot to view sunset. Know what, the lowest price for a small resort is easily cost you half a million.

188 Suites In Need of Justice!

A lot of owners have issues with JMB 188 Suites after 2 years of guaranteed rental income. The new offer of rental income dropped from 6.8% ...