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Monday, April 06, 2009

Vroom Vroom Vroom! Alive with Adrenalin!

Have you been to the Formula One? If you haven't, make sure you go and feel it at least once in a lifetime.

This's my second time. I love the race since I first enjoyed it in year 2007. So lucky, this year I got courtesy tickets from Tracy's Friend, Tey. It was one day before the grand prix. Time was so spontaneous, I had no program yet on Sunday. Diamond Grand Stand Ticket! How would you afford to miss? So...left everything behind, F1, here I come!

Alvin, Fun & me took the coach provided by Petronas Tower, KLCC at 1130am. Well, drive yourself to Sepang circuit could be miserable :D Despite the jam, you gotta familiar with the route, so that you won't get lost in the midst of finding car park.

We were in Sepang circuit around 1250pm. After the guide briefed us on how to get back to the coach after race (with Alvin and Fun around, never have to worry :P), we were walking about 1.5km to reach the entry gate. Of couse, along the walking, you gotta see a real F1 car displayed at mall area, a lot of hot pretty F1 gals for you to capture picture, stalls selling F1 merchandise, free gift to give away by quest, etc. So crowded, so much funs and happenings!

Pretty hot gals! What a good bodyshape that everyone dreams of!

At last, we found our diamond grand stand block N2.06. Right in front of us was the trophy presentation platform, what the best view you could ever get! Hurray! Grand stand is really meant a lot. Coz it has a lot of goings on to capture, handsome things to see, excitement to feel, cheers to cheerish ... wow... fantastic one!

Before 2009 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix (56 laps), we got to enjoy GP2 Asia Second Race (20 laps) and Formula BMW Pacific Second Race (5 laps). Of all, F1 was the most excited one! The sounds of vroom vroom and the speed could just stimulate the level of your adrenalin :D That's how this year's slogan being derived? COOL, I'd say! Keep alive with adrenalin, you feel your life worth more :P
Vroom vroom vroom...Ready to go!
Well, the whole racing was full of excitement until the rain pouring down. It's raining like cats and dogs. The racing forced to stop after few cars skipped. My brother called me up, asked me to prepare for home. There won't be any race continue coz it's raining. I scolded him for spoilting my mood. When it has stopped till 7pm, agreed by all drivers, the race's being called off. The end result taken upon the last lap at 33. What? That made the whole thing to the END?

In fact, Fun and I were in the washroom when they made such an announcement. So, we're surprised when everyone was moving out while we're walking back to the grand stand! Argghh...The Champion! The award presentation! We rushed all the way back but it's so crowded. We missed it! Couldn't believe it! The washroom matter!

Feeling like watching halfway show, no ending show. My heart felt a sense of lost. Whatever it is, the end was still an end. Moreover, I have enjoyed the racing. Thanks for the great race! You guys are amazing! BRAVO!
The Champion, Jensen Button

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