Monday, October 11, 2010

8 Po 3rd Anniversary Trip (5)

Fifth Day 22 May 2010

Safari day! Our driver, Herry (another recommended good honest driver) would be our driver and guide today. Exploring the kingdom of animals! Going to see white tiger. People said you’re lucky if you’re able to see white tiger.

On the journey to Bogor, it’s a terrible massive jam. In fact, weekend will be jam like this. Everyone is heading to Safari Park. We’re forced to stop unmoved for an hour before continuing our journey as the road heard to be one-way. Crazy.

Finally, we’re arrived our destination - Safari. It’s cool to be here. I thought we’re going to sit inside a car with a layer of net protecting us before exploring the land. No no no…it’s on your own vehicle and you’re get set to explore the land by yourself. Incredible experience! Love it to the max.

After that, we enjoyed cowboy show, had a round of fun. Followed by Globe of Death, in fact it’s a long time hardly get to watch motoring in the globe show. Watching till my head also dizzy. Then, we had tiger show, elephant show.

Started with stomach upset few times, which I didn’t realize it was diarrhea. At night, I knew it’s abnormal to go to toilet so many times and when the outputs were all waters.

Tonight, we stayed in Papaho hotel, Rp200,000. A very modern deco hotel, unfortunately, it’s not so clean especially its floor. We had to wear sandals in order to walk as the floor was too dusty and sticky to feel.

After settled tonight’s stay, we went out to hunt medicine to replace my dehydration and our dinner as well. Finally, we found our long-missed avocado juice with chocolate. Due to my upset stomach, I just tried a gulp. Yes, real pure and nice juice. This AA shop, if not mistaken, is owned by a Chinese as the food sold here are more to Chinese food.

After dinner, on the way back to hotel, a bit insane, we bought all the way till pirated MP3 and DVD would also attract our attention. Rp6,000 per piece. Incredible, right? MP3 for Indonesian songs. Learnt a song there, C.I.N.T.A by D’bagintas. DVD, clear version with multilingual subtitles.

Watching Sharukh Khan movie on TV with Indo Audio. Weird but still understandable. Tracy dear was so tired, watching till dozed off. I continued with my visits to toilet while watching Sharukh Khan...

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