Monday, June 22, 2009

What the hell?!

Ever lent people money, and there's no way you get back your money? What do you good when you are being so kind, so considerable? How much does this good heart worth?

Would this borrower ever feel shame? Would this borrower ever take the initiative to call you up telling you when he/she's going to pay you back?

NEVER! They'll only make you feeling SUCK! The borrower never bother how's your life gonna be. They won't pay you even they have money. Instead, they pay for other thing for their better life.

So, what the hell being so good?! You give the TRUST, people take it as SHIT! Start to be evil today? NO Money NO Talk?! World of Realistic? World of Materialistic? World of Cruel? It's world of PISSED OFF!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Soh Po Anniversary (Part 2)

Final Destination ~ Johor Bahru

Our next destination was Johor Bahru. It's been years i didn't visit the place. How has it become? I hardly can imagine.

Well, felt real great pleasure to have Steven as our guide (Ting couldn't join us coz she needed to take care the little prince - Feng Zai :D) as we didn't plan anything at all to be there except got the hotel to be booked.

Eat, Eat, Eat and EAT! need GPS to tour around JB as we had Steven as our walking GPS, no more recalculating and recalculating...ho ho ho!

First, we got to eat the homemade dumpling by Steven's mom. The most important ingredient used is the spicy shrimp! Ho Chak where you can't get it anywhere else :P Don't be jealous :P We're just lucky enough

What we had next? yo's well-known ABC topping with chocolate! Heard about it from Steven for so many years and finally i got to taste it! Tauhu Bakar, big and juicy, different from KL one woh, u must get it tried!

Tracy dear and I were so full now. Haha...guess what we did the next minute? Steven took us exercise in Istana Johor. One of the places where he's dating with Ting last time oh! It's also one of the hot spots for the just-married to take their photos here! We saw three couples shooting photos there, so, what do you think? A lot of people jogging there and we appeared to be the odd one, absolutely, as we're not on our sport attires but with sandals :D Well, if you've completed one big circle in the Istana, that means you have done your visit to the zoo as well coz it's just next door! Cool, isn't it?

And then, we sat down on the grass, enjoying the opposite view of Singapore while the wind kept blowing our faces. Just nice! Okay, good exercise for the day. Now, we still had something special which is highly recommended but not yet put into our stomach. Ding...Tampoi Laksa and Si Ham! It's as great as described by Steven. So, you must try if you happened to be in JB.

Well, now we truly full till we needed more walks. So, we're heading to Danga Bay. Couldn't recall how the old bay appeared to me but I believe the new renovated one now is more happening. We had our leisure walk and sat down when we got tired. Not so windy, though. So? We had our beers to cool down :D

By ten, we're all exhausted. Time to call it a day! It's one great day exploring places in JB and of course the FOOD! It's F1 racing day in Monaco, I didn't even able to watch the whole race as my eyes were too tired. Less than 20 mins, I was asleep till the morning!

The next morning, last before we left JB, after few rounds of finding, we at last got to devour the tasty Kuih Teow Kia! Yeh, one satisfatory soh po anniversary trip!

Arigatoo ne
Thanks for the super warm hospitality from Steven and Ting when we're around JB. It's not as simple as you're exploring Malacca. JB is BIG, everything is BIG! And not forgetting my great travel accompanion - Tracy dear, to make this trip so wonderful, enjoyable and memorable! Lap u x1000000000...n

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Soh Po Anniversary (Part 1)

It's Soh Po's 1st Anniversary. Last year we chose Cherating, Kuantan. This year we went to something historical - Malacca & everything is big - Johor Bahru.

First Desination ~ Malacca

Accommodation ~ Discovery
First, we must find a place to stay in for the night. Nevertheless, it seemed like all hotels that we chose were fully-booked. Surprisingly, we found "Discovery Cafe" at Jalan Bunga Raya. No harm to walk in and have a look how discovery it is since we're so tired searching around.

Real discovery! We'd to walk pass by a narrow corridor to reach the new wing of the guesthouse as all rooms in the old wing were occupied. Found out it's merely a two-week newly renovated before our arrival. Everything is brand new and clean. We're the first to launch "open ceremony" for the room. Happily, we booked the room (fan + air-cond) for two for RM5o. Great deal!
Check out if you want to know more about the guesthouse.

Eating all the way~
Time to eat all the way out. We ate almost every two hours. From Jalan Tun Sri Lanang Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball to Makko Nyonya Food - Pong Teh, Tai Bak to Bukit Cina Cendol & Rojak to Capitol Satay amazing eating delicious...yummy yummy!

The next morning we continued our journey of eatings. Started our rich breakfast with all sorts of Nyonya kuih to Donald & Lily Nyonya Laksa and again tried out the famous Sun May Hiong Satay House - the Hainanese pork satay even we're so so full. And that we're so satisfied heading our next destination to Johor Bahru :D

Eyes on Malacca VS Eyes on Malaysia
We used GPS to assist us all the way exploring Malacca. Eye on Malaysia, see so near, yet so far. We spent nearly an hour to reach the destination. Whilst surprisingly, we reached nowhere but Eyes On Malacca!'s a wonderland for kids. We just realised that we're so carelessly chose Eyes on Malacca instead of Eyes on Malaysia in GPS. Since we're here, of course we'd pay it a visit and take some photos as it's facing Malacca River, not bad at all.

Next, we really found the Eyes on Malaysia. As it's too early to take the ride of ferris wheel, we're having a fun section of all jumping shooting at the seaside. Okay, it's sunset time, also the best time to ride the Eyes on Malaysia. Alright it's truly a terrifying experience for me as I'm so fear of height! Tracy dear kept divert my focus, but I kept changing my position in the big wheel as I got nervous when there's nothing behind me! Though, it's awesome!

When Eyes on Malaysia located in Titiwangsa, we didn't go for the ride. Now, we went all the way to Malacca to ride the Eyes...hahaha!

Jonker Street ~ Night Market
A truly surprise to me. Never know that it's gonna to be so happening and fresh with all sort of interesting cute stuffs. Irresistible! A wow-wow to me! While shopping around, we're eating around too. I think both of us spent at least RM150 just in the Jonker Street. First time in my life seeing hawkers run their business using pc in the night market...sounds cool, isn't it?

Oh Malacca...such a lovely historical place to be...haven't finished our exploring yet. Certainly will come again next time.

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