Monday, October 11, 2010

8 Po 3rd Anniversary Trip (5)

Fifth Day 22 May 2010

Safari day! Our driver, Herry (another recommended good honest driver) would be our driver and guide today. Exploring the kingdom of animals! Going to see white tiger. People said you’re lucky if you’re able to see white tiger.

On the journey to Bogor, it’s a terrible massive jam. In fact, weekend will be jam like this. Everyone is heading to Safari Park. We’re forced to stop unmoved for an hour before continuing our journey as the road heard to be one-way. Crazy.

Finally, we’re arrived our destination - Safari. It’s cool to be here. I thought we’re going to sit inside a car with a layer of net protecting us before exploring the land. No no no…it’s on your own vehicle and you’re get set to explore the land by yourself. Incredible experience! Love it to the max.

After that, we enjoyed cowboy show, had a round of fun. Followed by Globe of Death, in fact it’s a long time hardly get to watch motoring in the globe show. Watching till my head also dizzy. Then, we had tiger show, elephant show.

Started with stomach upset few times, which I didn’t realize it was diarrhea. At night, I knew it’s abnormal to go to toilet so many times and when the outputs were all waters.

Tonight, we stayed in Papaho hotel, Rp200,000. A very modern deco hotel, unfortunately, it’s not so clean especially its floor. We had to wear sandals in order to walk as the floor was too dusty and sticky to feel.

After settled tonight’s stay, we went out to hunt medicine to replace my dehydration and our dinner as well. Finally, we found our long-missed avocado juice with chocolate. Due to my upset stomach, I just tried a gulp. Yes, real pure and nice juice. This AA shop, if not mistaken, is owned by a Chinese as the food sold here are more to Chinese food.

After dinner, on the way back to hotel, a bit insane, we bought all the way till pirated MP3 and DVD would also attract our attention. Rp6,000 per piece. Incredible, right? MP3 for Indonesian songs. Learnt a song there, C.I.N.T.A by D’bagintas. DVD, clear version with multilingual subtitles.

Watching Sharukh Khan movie on TV with Indo Audio. Weird but still understandable. Tracy dear was so tired, watching till dozed off. I continued with my visits to toilet while watching Sharukh Khan...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

With. Without.

Sometimes, it's good to have someone with;
Sometimes, it's good to have someone without.

Sometimes, it's good to have something with;
Sometimes, it's good to have something without.

Sometimes, it's good to choose with or without;
Sometimes, it's good to have only with or without.

Sometimes, it's simpler to leave without than to leave with;
Sometimes, it's easier to live without than to live with.

All in all, born without; live without; leave without;
and the soul is free without...

3 8 Sunday

It's Sunday. So, what's best for Sunday? Wake up early in the Sunday morning is never easy. It's the only weekend which you could just lying lazily on bed till you feel content. Well, well, well, Sunday morning sunshine and fresh air shouldn't be missed. I went walking leisurely with hong kia in Bukit Jalil path for an hour.

Then, hunting for breakfast? hoho, we had great programme ahead. We went to SRJK (C) Yuk Chai for their charity activities. See what we found there? So called "baked bao" from Sungai Buloh, long queue woh and it's recommended by TV before! hehehe...hong kia and I were captured by someone's camera. Didn't know why, I guess we must be the 'strangers' found here as most of the visitors were moms, dads and kids :D If you see us on newspaper, don't forget to inform us :P

What's more? It's very happening here actually. Flooded with foods, games, veges, fruits, handcrafts for you to grab. Ah uh, we found something great - FREE health diagnosis from Taipei TCM Medical Centre. I have been suffering for neck pain for quite some times and seeking for cures around. Wouldn't it be a good chance to try on free? As, anything free for me now is good coz I had spent too much on my neck problem. Here we go for the free diagnosis :D

haha...believe or not of what the sensei said is still a question mark. Too much to hear and believe, while the trusted one and cure my pain one, yet to be found! It's a day for parenting outing, haha, me and hong kia just joined for the fun. 3 8 Sunday lo!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

8 Po 3rd Anniversary Trip (4)

Fourth Day 21 May 2010

We decided to go back to Orange Homes today as we wanted to go Bogor, Safari Park the next day. What were we going to do today? Simple. To accomplish our mission – Shop till drop!

Ajang came and fetch our luggage back to Orange Homes, and dropped us at Jalan Dago. We’re just able to finish few outlets there at the day before. Still there were more outlets to go. I had to be more careful with the stuffs I was going to buy. Yes, my luggage could hardly fit in what I had shopped so far. Regreted that I had brought 7-day clothes over; regreted that I brought too small a luggage; regreted that I only purchased 15kg luggage; regreted that when you see something so appealing you had to forgo…regreted ne…

Well, didn’t know if I didn’t sleep well for the past three days, got fever today. A bit energyless, but still the spirit to shop was stronger. Play safe, we went to K-convenient store to buy panadols. Swallowed the pills, within half an hour, I was on my spirit to shop again.

Came to evening, it’s the sign of traffic jam and crowded everywhere that we saw. Yes, it’s Friday. People from Jakarta started flooding Bandung. Taking cab at this hour? Guess your heart palpitation will beat whenever the meter jumps. So, we decided to take dinner first before going back to Orange Homes.

Back to Orange Homes at around 10pm, finding out all necessary information from the helpful owner, we’re able to talk to two Brazilian hot ladies who he recommended. Finally, they’re agreed to share a car to go to Bogor at Rp850,000 tomorrow. Yippie! Safari, here I come!

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

8 Po 3rd Anniversary Trip (3)

Third Day 20 May 2010
We took off our shopping spree. We’re on our journey for sightseeing today. Unbelievable coz shopping was too difficult to resist! Rented a car at Rp450,000 (inclusive of petrol and driver) for 12 hours. Entry tickets including driver will be on own cost. Ajang was our driver. A very young guy with big eyes, nice, helpful and honest. We had our destinations to go: Tangkuban Perahu, strawberry farm, tea plantation, Hot Spring and Kampung Daun.
Well, it took almost 1.5 hours to reach Tangkuban Perahu. Before went down exploring the place, Ajang had given us advices and precautions we needed to take. This is the guide anyone would like to have, isn’t it? Worth the money and yet get a peace of mind.

Tangkuban Perahu, a very cooling place with active and inactive volcanoes to visit. We visited the inactive one as the active one will require another extra payment. Strong sulphur smell derived from the volcano. Whilst, looking at the volcano at height of 1830m, splendid! A day of photography! Hanging around the place and slowly took our own sweet time to shoot whatever we wanted. Tried the tauhu bakar with cili padi (of course forgo the chili, how could we stand for the hotness?) and nasi bakar with peanut sauce, yummy!

Tangkuban Perahu to me is just like a place in Cameron. Cooling with lots of tea plantation farms. We went to strawberry farm but the rain was just pouring down, couldn’t enjoy self-plucking fun. We proceeded to our next destination – hot spring!
Hot spring was another surprise to us. Never know that a hot spring can be so amazing. It’s just like Sunway Lagoon. Besides hot water theme park, more activities available here, including go-kart, paint ball, etc. It’s a family outing place, a team building place and of course a place for relaxing your mind, soul & body.
At 230pm, we hadn’t taken lunch. Crazy. We’re now heading to Kampung Daun for a nice lunching! Ajang said good place with good food, sure have to pay more. We’re well-prepared to foot the higher bill this round. As told by Ajang, we requested an upper seating arrangement. Wow wow wow…Kampung Daun, now I knew what’s Kampung Daun all about. Reveal to you another world behind the wall. Amazing place with exclusive kampong style deco. When you want to place order, just knock on the kantong.

To our surprise, the food price is actually not so expensive compared to our expectation. For a meal for two with Nasi Komplit Ala Sunda, Tea, Selasih and poffertjer, we paid only Rp130,000, reasonable and very fulfilling!

Poffertjer (kuih bola belanda with choco cheese filling)

Back to Bandung, not yet to guesthouse, Ajang drove us to Jeans Centre and then Jalan Riau. Haha…sorry but killed another few hundred thousand bills for Indonesian Rupiah again. The money we bought was not sufficient for the rest of the days. So, we had another option: just try, choose, buy and swipe! So easy, what to worry :P COOL! What we needed to worry was our luggage. How to fix in all stuffs we had bought so far.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

8 Po 3rd Anniversary Trip (2)

Second Day 19 May 2010

Woke up at 7pm. Ready for indo breakfast, quite a different style. What came next? Yes, the hotel promised to drive us to our second day guesthouse, Dago Guest House (Rp125,000, booked from and then dropped us at Jalan Dago for our crazy shopping day :D The boy told us to be extra careful, not to get cheated before leaving us alone in one of the factory outlets in Jalan Dago. Asked us to take blue bird cab and don’t take Angkotan at night.

So, our first stop was Level. Took our lunch there and we’re set to go shopping wildly. First factory outlet, I had gotten a piece of my favourite fabric dress at a very reasonable price and yet with premium quality. The day continued with the second, third, fourth… factory outlets. Every outlet we entered, sure would have something out. Fabulous!

Pure Mango Juice and Strawberry Juice, you can't afford to miss it!
Gosh, today was a fairy tale! I had never tried shopping this crazy. Tried all the way and bought all the way. Together I got 12 items. Spent approximately Rp1.5million. Worth the value! All branded stuffs, reasonable prices, premium qualities and free of hassle to bargain as all items were fixed with price tags. Buy it if you like, don’t have to worry about cheating. How wonderful!

Well, on the way back, it was raining. To hurry up, we caught on a Angkotan. Our guesthouse was located at Jalan Bukit Dago Selatan. A bit complicated to find the place especially night time, we didn’t aware of our location and the direction. Feeling bit threatened when we entered a dark narrow street. Thanks God, we’re able to find the guesthouse. The Angkotan asked for Rp40,000 was really over. We ended up paid him Rp30,000.
Angkotan is a mini-van convenient for a one- area public transportation. Normally passenger pay Rp1000 – Rp4000 to the driver, depends on distance. Yet, we paid Rp30,000, you can see how angry we were as being cheated. Anyway, we’re safe. Just learn the lesson. Be smart next time.

8 Po 3rd Anniversary Trip (1)

Woo hoo…time’s really flying. You couldn’t believe it’s sliding off just in a glance. So do our Pa Po Anniversary Trip entering the 3rd this year.

This time, we did it differently. Upgrading and to be more adventurous, we decided to go abroad to Bandung and Jakarta for a week! Yea…long week holidays, can’t wait! Was very relaxed this time coz we knew what’s our mission lying ahea. Yes, Shopping Shopping and…Shopping! Never have had this mood before as most of time flying off to unwind the stresses; while this time, feeling extremely relaxed without anything in head except spending hours and money for buying and buying more!

First Day 18 May 2010
Flew off to Bandung at 330pm. Reached the Husein Sastranegara Airport at 435pm (one hour latter than Malaysia). First impression about airport, you couldn’t imagine it if you never been here. Much more simpler than Bali. Two lines of check-in point with two officers each row. Next to the check-in point, it’s the place to unload your luggage. Can you imagine how small the airport is? Nevertheless, we’re get set to explore the City of Bandung tonight!

Couldn’t see any sign from Orange Homes (our first night stay, Rp240,000, booked from who supposed to fetch us. So, we took a cab heading to our first night stay. Driver pronounced “o-ran-ge home”…hahaha! Later when we spoke to person in charge, only we found out that I, the blur queen did not leave them with our flight details. What a shame!

Well, leaving our luggage in the hotel, we had our first destination – Paris Van Java, the biggest and newest shopping mall in Bandung! The shopping mall is just like any other shopping mall except one which is very unique, the alfresco area which is full of cafés and restaurants, each with their very own deco, undeniable it’s a very good ambience for dining, gathering and dating! What’s more we got here? Yes, the thumb thumb bear mini ice-cream. It was yummy!

Having a thought to change our plan from sightseeing to shopping plan, we called it a night, so as we were able to have full energy to shop till drop tomorrow :D

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Start Believing...

Start believing...

100 times of boxing hand-gestures in the morning make a good heart palpitation of the day

3-minute good laugh in the morning makes a happy mood to start the day ahead

stomach is real allergy to cow milk and upset easily these days, so, be more careful in food selection

a good walk in the evening and whisper in the green make a whole day relaxed and energised, practise more and more

put on face mask once every 3 days for a shining radiant skin, if you don't want to see ageing signs on your beauty face

spare your time, spend and talk to your parents, money just cant afford the precious greatest love they are showering us all time

money is not easy come but easy go, so grab whenever you could as time waits for nobody

life sometimes could be as bored as you could think of, so make it as colourful as you could

listening to the music and humming along could motivate a cheerful mood, spend more little time for this costless pastime

whatever happened, it must be good, keep it in mind all time and remind yourself

life's too short to hesitate, just do it when you feel you need to or want to

when you should let go, don't turn back, move forward for better and better

listen to your heart, follow the flow, let the nature takes its own course

blogging is a good way to see your own living style and make a review and improvement

tiger said the past was over, the horse is galloping into new and for the better and the best

so, i start believing all these and pratising make life better :D why don't you?

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

8 po 8 Kong Reunion Dinner

8 po 8 kong reunion dinner has successfully organised on 5 Feb 2010. It's a once-a-year event for everyone to gather together, catch up and cheer up. Booked for 14 persons but ended up with 8. A lot of faces didn't turn up though we still have to carry on. Everyone is busy with different priorities nowadays. Life status changes. Most of the friends were still stuck in the office, trying to finish all necessary tasks in order to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year peacefully. Who want to receive call from boss during the holidays? Gosh!

The cuisine were tasty yummy, of course! Sorry for those who couldn't make it. Well, even though my stomach was upset since yesterday, who bothered, eat first and think later, haha. What we ordered was more than what we could devour. Still, we didn't waste the food, all were inside our stomach ;D

Sitting inside the restaurant, we awared that we didn't not belong to the youngster group anymore as we couldn't stand for the crowd and the noises! Remembering the old days, we're once like them, cheer up as loud as we can like nobody's business. Still, I want to emphasise that we are all still young at heart always! Peng You Jia You!

Han Yan suggested to keep ten cent a day. So that, after a year, we're able to book a private room, having own privilege and fully enjoy ourselves in our own world while enjoying good good food :D What say you ne?

Wishing all a very very happy, healthy and blossom new year! A toast and Cheers!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Gosh, I have been suffering for stomachache few days already. The pains come and gone. I was so scared that it was due to appendix as I'm ready for my upcoming holidays this Sunday. Well, taken that worry in mind, I went and saw doctor.

"So long didn't see you?"
"Oh, doctor. If I didn't see you for long, that means I'm good. Now I have to see you, that means I'm in trouble!"

After the diagnosis.

"Ah moi, you're suffering for lactose intolerance. In other words, MILK Allergy. You shouldn't take COW milk"
"How come? I'm so grown up already. I saw my pa takes tat XLene so many years already and so good. So, I also start to take Xlene coz my legs had those rusty sounds when I squated down."
"Oh no, not that way. Most asian are resistant to cow milk. You know how many Xlene you need to take in order to get enough calcium of the day? You can opt for other milk like soymilk or rice milk."
"Gosh. Now I see that."

No more moo moooo....COW stuff in my stomach in future, including yogurt. Doctor suggests to take more seafood, green leaf vege, tofu....haha, all are quite my favourite, easier way too. Life's great! A jor...stomach clamps now :s

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Babe Naughty!

I must have treated doggie badly in my previous life. During my trip to Kuantan last weekend, I was attacked by my friend's doggy, "Babe"! In the midst of talking to my friend in the room, Babe suddenly rushed in and attacked me. I was so shocked till falling down onto the floor, my foot sprained and got all the bruises on my thighs and legs. What a day?!

Was Babe actually playing with me or he really disliked me :'( According to my friend, her Babe never attacked nor bite people. I was the first Babe had such a reaction. Gosh, Babe must have hated me so much. Attacked by Babe twice in a day, you know how much I got scared of him? Babe is naughty and evil even he's cute in fact. Oh no, Babe!

Babe Naughty! Punishment for Babe: No more "mum mum" or "kai kai" for him :P That is Babe's favourite words which create excitement to him even he's sleeping, he'll wake up immediately. Looking at Babe, he is just like a small kid, needs to be pampered like anyone else in the world! Love him, Hate him!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Farewell to 2009!

Last day in 2009? How you passed the day? Me, an "old people" actually didn't really feel want to get crowded in the heavy traffic. Initial thought was wanted to go back home straightaway after work, have a nice dinner, watching a nice movie and go to bed early for a beauty sleep. I guess that's a kind of content as well. Ended up, irresistible pursue by friends, I went out gathering with them for this last day in 2009.
The meaningful highlight of this gathering i guess was the review of 2009. When asked to share, I asked them, should I review it monthly? They all got shocked as I was so serious about it. Just kidding to them :D
My Year of 2009 on the following:-
A year full of ups and downs. Still, we were able to cope with the obstacles one by one. That's the unity of a family. Appreciate much for bearing with my moody emotion. Humbly apology for my rudeness, if any. Wishing papa, mama, didi and mei mei, a more peaceful, happier and healthier year ahead! Love you much!
Friends are indeed an important asset for me especially I stay outside. These are a group of people who touched my life, who gave lots of sparks and surprises to my life, always. Cheerish the friendship and grateful for the great accompanions when I was in need. Let's organise more outings in the coming year. Lap you all!
The first half of the year was a depressing downtime. The second half was full of opportunities and surprises. Worth my courage to explore these new opportunities! Thanks to those who gave me chance to change and show my capabilities. Aim to climb higher and achieve more for the coming years! Hoping for more prosperous years ahead!
Well, always failed in this subject, always met with Mr Wrong. Had been falling in love with myself for the past one year. Someone had taught me great lesson in this subject. Learning how to love myself more and perhaps how to love my future partner better :D Need to be smart and have more courageous and lucks in this area. God, send me an angel!
Farewell to 2009. Let go those unpleasure experiences, moving forward and start anew. Facing my life honestly, living to the best! With or without is secondary. Believing 2010 is going to be different, a year full of blessings and excitements! Cheer it up!
Pei Zhi, Jia You! Peng You, Jia You!

188 Suites In Need of Justice!

A lot of owners have issues with JMB 188 Suites after 2 years of guaranteed rental income. The new offer of rental income dropped from 6.8% ...