Wednesday, February 25, 2009







Monday, February 09, 2009





套句老话“新年新希望!”偶也在今年定了新目标。又是冲刺的时刻了,偶每一天都在冲刺哦! 新年馨年,希望每一年每一天每一分每一秒(哇,这样详细?)都是新的,温馨的!朋友,加油!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Like that also can?

Back from hometown today. Long time don't chit chat with Hong Kia. Ask her for dinner after work. As usual we go to frequent-visit vegetarian restaurant. Chit chat chit chat until so syok. Suddenly I felt my toe was bitten by something sharp. Wow cow, guess what? I thought it was a cat BUT it was a mouse! A big big mouse bite my toe! What a sign? Like that also can?!

Can't find the real spot of where the mouse has bitten. Could see little scratches on my toe. Bitten by mosquito, by doggy, is considered normal. What about a mouse? Hoho...from ratatouille? Real miracle! The mouse must be too hungry until treated my toes as Finger Licking Good Kentucky Fried Chicken! Go go go you this hungry mouse, your time was over, it's now the year of Golden OX year! Yo Yo!

MOOve it! MOOve it!

Yo...For so long, I didn’t write any thing on my blogspot. Emm…too busy? Too many life stories to write? Too tired? I think no mood to write is the main cause. When got mood to write, no labtop around, when got labtop around, the brain stuck and couldn’t recall. Well…so many to accomplish in life, yet so little the time. Time is real flying at a glance!

The rat year gone, the ox year comes, whatever unhappy, unaccomplished, go go go. Start a new with this brand new bright GU year! Hehe...still left few more days to go before Chinese New Year really calls off. Take this opportunity with my deepest sincerity wish all my dear friends (who i'm not able to meet up during CNY) "A Happier & Greater Niu Year!" Best wishes for all your brand new goals! Get set…! MOOve it! MOOve it!

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