Monday, August 25, 2008

Shape Run '08

ho ho oh, 24 August 2008, one big fine day! Shape Run '08 organised by Shape and Men's Health magazines, took part by 2,000 participants. This is my first time involved in public organised event. Walkathon, marathon, never have the experience before, how to call it a life? not-to-be-missed this time. Moreover, the Shape run came with an attractive goodies bag worth RM300 which has become the reason of the participation for some.

Our gang, some took part in 10km run (to challenge our endurance and you may stand a chance to win fabulous prizes, one metal could have done the good job :D) and some 5km fun run (by accidentally registered). Hong kia was the funniest case, accidentally registered into male 10km category, able to fix the situation at the very last minute, before flag off.

The most impressive one would be the prenancy woman I saw in the path. I think she's in her 5-6 months' prenancy, and she was able to complete the whole 10km run. Amazing, isn't it? Feel the difference you could have in life? Then, be creative but be yourself first of all.

Yeh, all of us were able to reach the finishing line even not among the winners, but I felt great coz the whole process of running was enjoyable. I even experienced the cramped leg, but thanks to one funny uncle participant, because of his encouragement, I was able to finish the whole run within the time I have set initially. I couldn't walk properly now but I believe to be recovered fully in two three days soon coz had sought the treatment from doctor this morning. What an unforgettable experience!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008




你我生下来不懂得煮?这是自然。对厨房的事,理解反应迟钝?小事一桩。以前在家待着的时候,最多时间可以看到妈妈烹饪。可是呢,就是不当一回事。长大了,在外工作,想要自己煮个什么的,发现这到底应该是下水了再加调味,还是下了调味再加水?抓不着头脑! 无所谓的,许多事我们都不是天生就懂,...