Thursday, November 12, 2009

4 telur, 1 roti telur

Three Singapore colleagues came to Malaysia for a week. They went to a mamak cafe nearby office for breakfast every morning. This morning, two of the colleagues wanted 2 boiled eggs each. Since two of them couldn't speak Bahasa Melayu, the order had to be made by another colleague who is Malaysian but speaking very limited Bahasa Melayu. The colleague who made the order wanted a "roti telur", so she ordered "4 telur, 1 roti telur".

When the boy served them the breakfast, all of them were puzzled looking at the folding roti. Guess what was served? Ding! The fella served them with 1 giant roti telur with 4 eggs inside!

Hope this real life story bright up your day! I was laughing till dropping my tears! How come the fella being so creative taking such an order and able to come out with this genius roti for the customer and daring to serve without second thought. wahahaha....

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