Saturday, June 26, 2010

8 Po 3rd Anniversary Trip (3)

Third Day 20 May 2010
We took off our shopping spree. We’re on our journey for sightseeing today. Unbelievable coz shopping was too difficult to resist! Rented a car at Rp450,000 (inclusive of petrol and driver) for 12 hours. Entry tickets including driver will be on own cost. Ajang was our driver. A very young guy with big eyes, nice, helpful and honest. We had our destinations to go: Tangkuban Perahu, strawberry farm, tea plantation, Hot Spring and Kampung Daun.
Well, it took almost 1.5 hours to reach Tangkuban Perahu. Before went down exploring the place, Ajang had given us advices and precautions we needed to take. This is the guide anyone would like to have, isn’t it? Worth the money and yet get a peace of mind.

Tangkuban Perahu, a very cooling place with active and inactive volcanoes to visit. We visited the inactive one as the active one will require another extra payment. Strong sulphur smell derived from the volcano. Whilst, looking at the volcano at height of 1830m, splendid! A day of photography! Hanging around the place and slowly took our own sweet time to shoot whatever we wanted. Tried the tauhu bakar with cili padi (of course forgo the chili, how could we stand for the hotness?) and nasi bakar with peanut sauce, yummy!

Tangkuban Perahu to me is just like a place in Cameron. Cooling with lots of tea plantation farms. We went to strawberry farm but the rain was just pouring down, couldn’t enjoy self-plucking fun. We proceeded to our next destination – hot spring!
Hot spring was another surprise to us. Never know that a hot spring can be so amazing. It’s just like Sunway Lagoon. Besides hot water theme park, more activities available here, including go-kart, paint ball, etc. It’s a family outing place, a team building place and of course a place for relaxing your mind, soul & body.
At 230pm, we hadn’t taken lunch. Crazy. We’re now heading to Kampung Daun for a nice lunching! Ajang said good place with good food, sure have to pay more. We’re well-prepared to foot the higher bill this round. As told by Ajang, we requested an upper seating arrangement. Wow wow wow…Kampung Daun, now I knew what’s Kampung Daun all about. Reveal to you another world behind the wall. Amazing place with exclusive kampong style deco. When you want to place order, just knock on the kantong.

To our surprise, the food price is actually not so expensive compared to our expectation. For a meal for two with Nasi Komplit Ala Sunda, Tea, Selasih and poffertjer, we paid only Rp130,000, reasonable and very fulfilling!

Poffertjer (kuih bola belanda with choco cheese filling)

Back to Bandung, not yet to guesthouse, Ajang drove us to Jeans Centre and then Jalan Riau. Haha…sorry but killed another few hundred thousand bills for Indonesian Rupiah again. The money we bought was not sufficient for the rest of the days. So, we had another option: just try, choose, buy and swipe! So easy, what to worry :P COOL! What we needed to worry was our luggage. How to fix in all stuffs we had bought so far.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

8 Po 3rd Anniversary Trip (2)

Second Day 19 May 2010

Woke up at 7pm. Ready for indo breakfast, quite a different style. What came next? Yes, the hotel promised to drive us to our second day guesthouse, Dago Guest House (Rp125,000, booked from and then dropped us at Jalan Dago for our crazy shopping day :D The boy told us to be extra careful, not to get cheated before leaving us alone in one of the factory outlets in Jalan Dago. Asked us to take blue bird cab and don’t take Angkotan at night.

So, our first stop was Level. Took our lunch there and we’re set to go shopping wildly. First factory outlet, I had gotten a piece of my favourite fabric dress at a very reasonable price and yet with premium quality. The day continued with the second, third, fourth… factory outlets. Every outlet we entered, sure would have something out. Fabulous!

Pure Mango Juice and Strawberry Juice, you can't afford to miss it!
Gosh, today was a fairy tale! I had never tried shopping this crazy. Tried all the way and bought all the way. Together I got 12 items. Spent approximately Rp1.5million. Worth the value! All branded stuffs, reasonable prices, premium qualities and free of hassle to bargain as all items were fixed with price tags. Buy it if you like, don’t have to worry about cheating. How wonderful!

Well, on the way back, it was raining. To hurry up, we caught on a Angkotan. Our guesthouse was located at Jalan Bukit Dago Selatan. A bit complicated to find the place especially night time, we didn’t aware of our location and the direction. Feeling bit threatened when we entered a dark narrow street. Thanks God, we’re able to find the guesthouse. The Angkotan asked for Rp40,000 was really over. We ended up paid him Rp30,000.
Angkotan is a mini-van convenient for a one- area public transportation. Normally passenger pay Rp1000 – Rp4000 to the driver, depends on distance. Yet, we paid Rp30,000, you can see how angry we were as being cheated. Anyway, we’re safe. Just learn the lesson. Be smart next time.

8 Po 3rd Anniversary Trip (1)

Woo hoo…time’s really flying. You couldn’t believe it’s sliding off just in a glance. So do our Pa Po Anniversary Trip entering the 3rd this year.

This time, we did it differently. Upgrading and to be more adventurous, we decided to go abroad to Bandung and Jakarta for a week! Yea…long week holidays, can’t wait! Was very relaxed this time coz we knew what’s our mission lying ahea. Yes, Shopping Shopping and…Shopping! Never have had this mood before as most of time flying off to unwind the stresses; while this time, feeling extremely relaxed without anything in head except spending hours and money for buying and buying more!

First Day 18 May 2010
Flew off to Bandung at 330pm. Reached the Husein Sastranegara Airport at 435pm (one hour latter than Malaysia). First impression about airport, you couldn’t imagine it if you never been here. Much more simpler than Bali. Two lines of check-in point with two officers each row. Next to the check-in point, it’s the place to unload your luggage. Can you imagine how small the airport is? Nevertheless, we’re get set to explore the City of Bandung tonight!

Couldn’t see any sign from Orange Homes (our first night stay, Rp240,000, booked from who supposed to fetch us. So, we took a cab heading to our first night stay. Driver pronounced “o-ran-ge home”…hahaha! Later when we spoke to person in charge, only we found out that I, the blur queen did not leave them with our flight details. What a shame!

Well, leaving our luggage in the hotel, we had our first destination – Paris Van Java, the biggest and newest shopping mall in Bandung! The shopping mall is just like any other shopping mall except one which is very unique, the alfresco area which is full of cafés and restaurants, each with their very own deco, undeniable it’s a very good ambience for dining, gathering and dating! What’s more we got here? Yes, the thumb thumb bear mini ice-cream. It was yummy!

Having a thought to change our plan from sightseeing to shopping plan, we called it a night, so as we were able to have full energy to shop till drop tomorrow :D

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