Tuesday, September 19, 2017

188 Suites In Need of Justice!

A lot of owners have issues with JMB 188 Suites after 2 years of guaranteed rental income. The new offer of rental income dropped from 6.8% to 3.8%. While the letter showed the splendid results from Fraser since its operation, a lot of owners puzzled why the offers turned to be sour. Nobody knows the reason.

During the 2nd AGM (30th Aug 2017), some owners were prohibited to attend the AGM on the reason that water charges were not being cleared. In fact, the most they can do is you become an observer in the meeting, but not to stop you from attending the AGM. The funniest thing was the committee hold a strata act booklet and showed you the clause that they brutally twisted the fact of per saying clause. What on earth that these people were so daring to fool the owners in a bright sunny day? Were there a lot of hidden or undisclosable agenda behind the scenes?

To many, this is obviously a discrimination. The so called emcee even impolitely asked the owners in harsh way to lodge the report at COB. Owners wondered were they in some sort of ganster meeting. Was this the ethic of conduct as an emcee of the meeting? Was he even reserved the right and authority to bully the owners? Could we call it a criminal? Deep in thought, are JMB the puppet whereby they are supported by some influencers or owners are puppets by blindly paying the management and fees all to support their unreasonable act of conduct?

A fair judgement and treatment is urgently called. Owners are desperately asked for justice!!! JMB, don't ever try to fool or threaten the owners! The society needs a clean and unprejudiced JMB to operate and run the show, not the dirty JMB players with all the silly tricks!

Let's believe the era of brutal JMB operators will soon meet its final destination.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

A revolution for property management, desperately!

As an owner of property, I wonder if these questions ever popped into your mind? How could we trust the property management company? Can the operation be more effective? Can the annual report prepared for AGM be more transparent? The question goes on...

I believe some of the owners have encountered same problems like me. Looking at the annual report, especially the financial part, that seems like some unexplained transactions. Why I said so as when we in the meeting requested for a more detailed copy of accounting transaction, it's being ignored by the committees.

Now, since there's condo management fees, could anyone tell me what is secondment charges? Is the condo management fee covered the paid of the stuffs in the office of one particular condo? If that so, when you look at the quality of stuffs in the management office, you will be suspicious that the revenue being paid to them worth the five figure costs?

So, we were told that the management charges and sinking fund that we paid monthly did not afford the upcoming expenses. And, we all forced to accept a rise of 15% on our management charges. It sounded ridiculous but you have no choice!

As you and I may aware that the committee for the property does not receive any paid. However, could you accept a dictatorial joint management body or committee? Are they COMMITTEE or CONNEDMETTEE? With the passion to take care of the interests and benefits of all residences in the first place, but you have no idea what's behind the scene. The agenda brought out in the meeting was in fact being determined, we're just sitting to be notified rather than conducting a discussion and securing the consensus. Whatever suggestions given were easily ignored or turned down by the experienced joint management body or committee.

I was pissed. Later, I found out that this is a norm in almost all property management bodies. I sighed with this situation. I am hoping a hero appears to amend and better the situation. Property management company, sounds to me, like dictators. Residences have no much choice but to blindly accept just everything being reported, including all the fees, charges, and rises. I guess that is why there are a lot of people start ignoring paying the management fees and affected those who are playing by the rules.

I believe property management isn't easy. However, can we at least do it professionally with ethic? Someone out there with expertise in this field, you have a business opportunity right now! That breakthrough is very much relying on you! Perhaps, an artificial intelligence (AI) software or apps could ease our life's frustration!

We want a revolution for property management! Desperately!

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隔了好一大段日子没爬部落格了。这曾经是所有喜怒哀乐的凝聚点。要不是Ah Dear 提醒我,叫我再重新回去爬格吧,我想我真忘记这片曾经我最爱的空间。也是一些友人的喜好吧。还记得,那时我们每天赶爬格,做工时都偷偷爬格,不爬不痛快的。然后,还有年终颁奖礼,特搞笑好玩的。





188 Suites In Need of Justice!

A lot of owners have issues with JMB 188 Suites after 2 years of guaranteed rental income. The new offer of rental income dropped from 6.8% ...